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What I Do

I'm the co-founder of Kniterate. There I focus on strategy, customer and business development; and fostering partnerships with creative agencies, institutions and investors.

How I Do It

Focus Hardware and biotech startups.

Nomadic Mostly London but sometimes NYC, San Francisco or Shanghai.

Base Camp Lizartza, a little village in the Basque Country. Surf is half an hour away. Good hill cycling. You’re invited.

About Me

Geography Palma de Mallorca // Barcelona, Leeuwarden, and New Delhi // Nomad

Education University of Barcelona (Biology) + University of London (Banking and Finance) + CFA LI

Experience Odd jobs. Boring jobs. Science Jobs. Startup jobs

Lifestyle Rowing, cycling, surfing and snowboarding

Awards "The Next Idea" Honorary Mention, Prix Ars Electronica

Publications PubMed


Write to me: info{at}triambak{dot}com

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I’m able to write in prose too…

My name is Triambak (“Triam”) Saxena. I was born in Palma de Mallorca to a Basque mother and an Indian father. My family moved to Barcelona not too long after I was born. Early on in my life I was sent on plane trips around the world. I lived with my family in Leeuwarden and New Delhi.

I returned to Barcelona, attending primary school, high school and university. I studied Biology, and worked as a researcher in the field of plant molecular biology for a few years. During this time I studied the genetic mechanisms of drought tolerance, shade-avoidance syndrome and flowering in perennials.

Repetitive work, lack of immediate impact, and a certain sense that academia was isolated from real world problems, led me to rethink my career. I decided to move to New York from London, where I had been working.

I can remember reading The Economist and being interested in business and finance from a young age. I decided to turn my attention to studying finance in order to transition to more fulfilling work. Despite this, I have not lost my interest in the innovations coming out of biological research laboratories around the world.

I've co-founded a company, Kniterate, Inc. We are building digital knitting machines. The project was selected for the hardware accelerator HAX in Shenzhen, China for their VIII Class. It has been an invaluable educational and working experience, and I hope I can share what I've learned.

My goal is to advise companies on strategy and corporate finance in the next years. I also want to engage with today’s biotech startups in realizing their full potential.

My work offers me the flexibility to be anywhere in the world and to advise on other interesting projects. I use this as an opportunity to be part of projects that I care about and where I can apply or increase my knowledge.

Thanks for reading.

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